agosto 27, 2008

50 best British songwriters

Esta lista fue publicada en el telegraph. Interesante, en lo personal estoy de acuerdo con el primer lugar, aunque no creo que Alex Turner sea mejor que George Harrison.

1 John Lennon
Classic lyric: 'There's nothing you can do that can't be done./ Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.' (All You Need is Love, 1967)
2 Kate Bush
3 Morrissey/Johnny Marr
4 Paul McCartney
Classic lyric: 'Love, love me do./ You know I love you' (Love Me Do, 1962)
5 Elton John/Bernie Taupin
6 Mick Jagger/Keith Richards
7 Noël Coward
8 Ian Curtis/New Order
Classic lyric: 'Existence well what does it matter?/ I exist on the best terms I can./ The past is now part of my future,/ The present is well out of hand (Heart and Soul, 1980)
9 Van Morrison
10 Joe Strummer/Mick Jones (The Clash)
11 David Bowie
12 Queen Freddie Mercury
13 Ray Davies
14 Elvis Costello
15 Pete Townshend
16 Led Zeppelín
17 The Bee Gees
18 Neil Tennant/Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys)
19 Pink Floyd
20 P.J. Harvey
21 Radiohead
22 Paul Weller
23 Bryan Ferry
24 Damon Albarn
25 Coldplay
26 Sandy Denny
27 Noel Gallagher
28 Annie Lennox/Dave Stewart
29 John Lydon
30 Richard Thompson
31 Robert Smith (The Cure)
32 Mike Skinner/The Streets
33 Nick Drake
34 George Michael
35 Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys)
36 George Harrison
37 Jerry Dammers
38 Amy Winehouse
39 Cat Stevens
40 Sting
41 Gary Barlow
42 Liam Howlett
43 Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian)
44 Pete Doherty/Carl Barat
45 Billy Brag
46 Hot Chip
47 Bill Fay
48 Joan Armatrading
49 Mark E. Smith
50 Ivor Novello

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B.B.B king dijo...

porqué si vienen tantos álbumes de los Beatles... ¿porqué no hay ninguno del Album blanco?