septiembre 23, 2008

Similitudes entre la historia de Harry Potter y Anakin Skywalker

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1000 things I’ve learned about blogging

Hola, esta entrada será larga pero muy interesante. Nunca me creí hacer fan de esto de bloggear, pero cada día me agrada más.....Inclusive me he vuelto adicta a esto de estar buscando información, leyendo y 'geekeando' un rato. Esta entrada contiene íntegramente una publicación de la página Esta hablar sobre sugerencias para bloggers. Con lo que más me quedo es con la idea de que un blog no es solo escribir, es 'linkear', comentar y analizar. Siempre una imagen te deja más que solo palabras y sobre todo que wordpress es mejor que blogger mmm...yo le tengo mucha fe a blogger y sé que mejorará, será?????

1.Blogging is not ‘writing a blog’. Blogging is linking and commenting. Any writing is a bonus.
2.Regular posting is important…
3.But quality posting is even more important.
4.Spending a week or more on a single post can be one of the most important things you ever do.
knowledge, then analysis, then ideas. A picture is worth a thousand words. More importantly, a picture is worth a thousand words in two hundred countries. The fact that readers don’t need to speak English to understand what you’re communicating can make a word-free post - or at least one with a good image - your most successful one.
6.For similar reasons,
video works. It may not be search engine-friendly, but if people can embed it the word is more likely to spread.
video meets conversation, good stuff can happen.
8.Everyone looks ugly on video. Get over it.
Online video is not online TV
10.Podcasts work better when
there’s more than one of you
11.It takes time. Sometimes years. Persistence counts.
12.Being early matters
A big idea travels far
14.Pingback/trackback is a wonderful thing, a form of distribution news websites are still struggling to match. What can be more interesting than someone who is interested in you?
15.Cliques and old boys’ networks exist in the blogosphere too
16.We are
too fucking Anglo-American
17.Language is a massive barrier.
BASIC principles matter
19.Social bookmarking makes
researching a post much easier
20.The best reason to blog is not to show everyone else what you know, but to find out what everyone else knows
21.RSS is one of the most undervalued technologies in the world. Once you understand what to do with it, you can bring the world to your desktop, your mobile, and your blog, and vice versa.
22.A blog doesn’t open doors for you, it just gives you the idea to try knocking.
23.When people Google you, it saves a lot of time explaining things.
24.Blogs are just one part of a social media ecology. Half the stuff that used to go on this blog now
goes on Twitter; more goes on Delicious; and some on Flickr and on Seesmic.
25.Don’t get me started on
FriendFeed, Plurk, Jaiku, etc.
Humour is effective, but not everyone will get it
27.I seem to like
linking on verbs
Streaming live video from your mobile is a pretty amazing thing when you think about it.
29.Streaming live video from your mobile uses up your battery quickly
30.Web browsing on your mobile also
uses up your battery quickly
31.If you’re moblogging an event, bring a power lead, an extension lead - and a spare phone
32.The N95 kicks
iPhone’s ass
33.(But I’m
prepared to be persuaded otherwise)
Wordpress plugins are addictive
Firefox extensions are addictive
36.Signing up for beta web services is addictive
37.I don’t really care about
A simple, fun idea can be around the world in minutes
39.If you want to campaign against something,
you already have the technology
40.If you want a service,
create it yourself
Google is the biggest popularity contest in the world
42.When you realise you don’t have a readership - you have a community - then you also realise you can
mobilise, and get things done.
43.Technology is easy;
community is hard
44.Meeting in person is important: I read blogs by people I’ve met much more often than those I haven’t
45.Geography still matters
Birmingham has a lot of bloggers
Liveblogging and Twitter-blogging are not the same thing
Privacy is a fluid concept: just because it’s in the public domain doesn’t mean it’s not private
49. is better than Blogger is better than (see Thing 34)
Content is not king.
Conversation is king.
Conversation is the kingdom.
shouldn’t try to be the media
55.If someone is sending you a press release about something, you shouldn’t blog about it
56.As a journalist, blogging is a good way to rediscover the joy of journalism
57.Blogging is also a great way to
rediscover how great having a good editor can be
Do what you do best and link to the rest
59.Blogs aren’t worth
dying for. That’s what family is for.
60.Setting yourself a maximum number of posts per day is a good idea
61.Setting yourself a set time to look at your RSS subs every day is also a good idea
62.If you rely on third party services, prepare for the rug to be
pulled from under your feet
63.If you publish the comments widget high up on your blog, more people comment
64.A blog without a comments facility is broken
65.A site that has comments, but
edits or buries them, is not just broken, it’s malevolent.
66.Leave posts open ended if you want people to comment
67.Leave a post at the top of your site for more than a day if you want people to comment
68.Being transparent about your sources is not only good journalism, it’s good distribution.
69.The search engine optimisation industry is the new snake oil. I can tell you all you need to know about SEO in five minutes
70.Although it might take me another five hours to answer the resulting questions
71.If you expect to make lots of money from blogging, you are either naive, stupid, or
Robert Scoble.
72.If you expect to make lots of money from blogging, don’t expect to make it through advertising
read by a few, key, people can be worth more, professionally, than having lots of visitors
frequently linked to can be worth more, commercially, than having lots of visitors
75.Beware advertisers bearing text-based gifts, or generous offerings of ‘free’ articles.
Understand linkspam
76.Be aware that you have an ego
77.Be aware that everyone else has an ego
Unconferences are great
79.There’s only so much talking you can do. Sometimes you have to do something.
80.There should be more money available to do something
81.Ideas aren’t a problem. Knowing which ones to pursue is
10% of Americans read blogs
26% of Americans write blogs
84.How does that work?
85.Blogs are far
more ethnically representative than mainstream media
may not trust the print and broadcast media, but they trust online news even less
1-9-90 rule
88.Rushing off
a blog entry just before bed is a bad idea
89.Rushing off
a blog entry hours before your wife goes into labour is not a good idea either
Some news travels faster than an aftershock
don’t need managers to organise them - just connections
92.When I can record a video comment straight from my mobile phone, I’ll be a happy man
93.Don’t underestimate
the power of corporatisation
94.Don’t underestimate
the power of big corporations
95.Don’t underestimate
the power of governments
96.If, after all this, we have to go back to living in caves and eating rats, it’ll be a real shame
97.Lists have
become the biggest cliche in blogging and the most shameless tactic for getting to the top of delicious/digg/reddit.
98.But people still read them.
99.Have you bookmarked this yet, by the way?
1000. I can’t count.